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The Best Long - Selling American Dinnerware
Colorful and Modern
FIESTA is the only dinnerware which has as many as 16 single-color.
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About the Homer Laughlin China Co.
Established in 1871, the Homer Laughlin China Co., manufacturer of FIESTA Dinnerware, is the largest pottery producer in the United States with over 1,100 skilled employees.

FIESTA Dinnerware was first manufactured for household dinnerware in 1936. Since then it has become popularly known as a trusted brand among high-end department stores including Macy's, Bloomingdale's and JCPenny, as well as leading dinnerware stores.

[Fiesta tableware and Andy Warhol]

Fiesta is known as a series of representative American tableware. It is collected in the Smithsonian American Art Museum and appears frequently in movies and TV series, including Ally McBeal, a hit in Japan as well.

Andy Warhol, the master of pop art, was also known as a passionate collector of Fiesta tableware.
The artist Warhol was also renowned as a collector of all sorts of things ranging from artworks to daily goods. After his death, his Fiesta tableware collection was placed on the New York Sotheby's auction. The fact that he used Fiesta tableware in his daily life is also well known.

Fiesta tableware is also known for its variety of colors. An average of one new color is added every year and one is retired.
Though simple and standard, Fiesta tableware continues to change slowly like this, which may be another factor that keeps collectors drawn to Fiesta tableware for a long time.

Fiesta tableware is currently enjoys its third boom, following the explosive fad in the 1950s (mid-century) and revival in the 1980s.
Riding the wave of modern casual style as represented by the iPod and Crocs, Fiesta tableware is appealing to a new generation of consumers and expanding its fan base with its fresh attitude.


FIESTA Dinnerware is only available through mail-order.
Features of FIESTA Dinnerware
  1. 16 color variations
  2. Use safety lead-free color glazes.
  3. 100% made in USA
  4. Superior durability with a comfortable thickness suitable for everyday use.
  5. Simple,modern design standard for over 70 years

Handling of FIESTA Dinnerware
    Microwavable Dishwasher safe
Handmade production techniques may create slight color variations.
America's long time selling dinnerware FIESTA Dinnerware